Systems are alive!

think and act differently:
the old doesn’t work anymore

Integrity is our way

9 Theses - Nailed to the doors of the old system and business theorists

  1. All systems are alive.
  2. All systems are governed by the same basic laws and differ only in their inner complexity and outer entanglement.
  3. They all have a purpose, a task, a potential, a life cycle.
  4. All systems have a natural, inner order, an optimal state that expresses itself in reality as a flow.
  5. All are vulnerable to irritations and challenges that lead to blockages and errors.
  6. All are governed by a growth process and capable of adapting to changing conditions and tasks.
  7. All exist, not in isolation, but in systematic entanglement and interaction with the other.
  8. All have a field - a blueprint for objective reality which can be analyzed and changed by specially trained consultants.
  9. These theses are true, regardless of whether those in charge of the systems want to know and accept it.

Are you dealing with complex situations, chaotic processes and multiple influencing factors?

We are experienced with this and we have solutions.

We teach you what we know how to do, so you can do it yourself.


If your system is sick, unhappy or failing, the good old doctor won’t help you - we will.


With a twinkle in our eyes, we are playful and ready to reinvent the world the way we like it. Those who think against the grain are innovative. At the salon, we crisscross our thoughts together.


"Thanks to your consultation and coaching, we were able to greatly reduce the tension that had been nearly unbearable before, and we regained control of the reins.

To use real-estate jargon, you actually caused an “energetic renovation” or overhaul.

We are so thankful to you for your help and cooperation."

Markus Leicht
CEO - EWG Eigentums-Wohnbau-GmbH & Co.


We love intuitive intelligence and a smart mind.

Uwe Albrecht

Doctor, Author, Developer, Philosopher, Entrepreneur

Matthias Steger

Tax Accountant and Planner, Business Succession, Sustainable Success

Allyn Reid

Producer, Entrepreneur, Executive Coach & On-Camera Personality

Heike Brembach

Organizational Developer, Process Consultant, High Performance Coach, Sports Scientist

Jakob Albrecht

Project Manager, Web, Marketing

The systemwise Newsletter

Become a systemwise consultant in just four steps:

1. systemwise Adventure

A day of exploring, having fun together and seeing whether this path is right for you.

2. systemwise Zero Point

Two days of acquiring the basic analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

3. systemwise System Analytics

Three days of learning and practicing precise analytics for various types of complex systems.

4. systemwise System Treatment

Four days of combining analytics with therapeutic treatment of systems and practicing with multiple systems.


You’ve got the challenge and we’ve got the team, methods and tools to help you.

Generell Analytics and Treatment

Using a team that is specially assembled for the topics at hand, it takes us about one day to conduct basic analytics and clarify the issues in general. This involves gaining an overview of the complex interdependencies and the causes behind them, and developing a strategy for any further actions required.

Specific Analytics and Treatment

If necessary, we analyze and clarify specific topics. These include dealing with changes, team transformation processes, product analytics and optimization, and developing personal potentials.

Though the amount of time this step takes always varies depending on the specific system, in our experience, it usually takes no more than a few days.

Continuous Support

Self-empowerment is our goal. Nonetheless, we are happy to provide continuous support to partners and projects, helping them maintain the flow state they have regained.


The place to meet, discover, inspire, develop, explore, learn to see differently, question yourself, trust yourself.



"After just two sessions, Matthias’s coaching enabled me to set my business on a new course. His lively, sensitive but also respectfully confronting way of speaking puts processes in motion that allow growth and development to occur."

Julia Mones

"Thanks to Uwe Albrecht’s energy work, blockages inside and surrounding the company were successfully eliminated, allowing the energy to flow again. Since then, things have taken a positive turn, the employees love their work, the company’s charge has significantly decreased and our need and necessity have aligned. Even machines that used to cause us a lot of trouble have started running smoothly, and our customer presence has critically improved.

We can highly recommend the energy consultancy and work of Uwe Albrecht. It has moved us forward significantly, both personally and within the company."

Christian Wordl
CEO - GISSLERprecision GmbH & Co. KG

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